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Mr. Wang Ping


Born in Henan , 17 December 1983

Wang ping from Henan Person Xinxiang serves as President Director of Indonesia Sandin Machinery Group, Director of Jin yuan Leasing Indonesia, Director of Mining Success Indonesia, Director of Trade of Henan in Indonesia, Director of Chinese Company Association of the Ministry of Commerce of the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia.

Career :
  • Graduated from Information Management and Information Systems in 2006.
  • In 2010, he went south to Indonesia and founded the Sandin Machinery Group Indonesia (now involved in engineering, mining, machinery sales and leasing, real estate, etc.) and held a position as President Director.

There are two principles of corporate foreign development that must be obeyed:
  • First, learn from the development and business philosophy that is mature and successful in the country, and integrate local culture and law.
  • Second, to improve the competitiveness of existing pillar industries (mechanical leasing, real estate engineering, mining, etc.)

And achieving opportunities brought about by the country's main policies
  • First, seize the opportunity to reconfigure National policy resources.
  • Second, actively respond to national strategies and work together with strategic needs.

Message of Alumni: holding back pain that cannot be borne by others, consuming the bitterness that other people cannot eat, is getting a harvest that cannot be obtained by others.

Ms. Lilie Yeo


Born in Batam , 03 November 1990

Served as Bussines Development Director since 2015.

Ms. lisa


Born in Batam , 23 July 1987

Served as Personal Asistent Director since 2015.

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